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      I think of  myself as a "bi-lingual" or "multi-lingual" therapist in the sense that I speak a variety of psychological languages as well as the language of Christian faith and spirituality.  I was born and raised in southeast Virginia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina are "home" to my soul.  My undergraduate work in English lit and psychology was at Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Va. (now the University of Mary Washington) and I was a legislative assistant on Capitol Hill for three years in the mid-seventies before pursuing graduate school at the University of Chicago.  After a year of general study and a masters in the social sciences, I entered the Divinity School to study more deeply the conversation between psychology and religion.

     Over time I recognized my calling was not to secular psychology but to a ministry of using my gifts of psychological insight for the healing of people's wounded relationships with self, others and God.  As you will see in my blog posts, I have been growing into a deeper understanding of these wounds and the pathways toward healing ever since. 

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